Trump: Proof that America actually does have a sense of humour

You know you’re in for a shit movie when the villains’ name gives the game away – Synonyms for “Trump”: Luck, Support, Resources, Leg-up, Asset, Gain, Favour, Profit, Interest, Influence, Leverage, Protection, Superiority, Dominance, Ascendancy.



You should go and love yourself.

Love yourself

“Are there any decent men out there?!” – No. There are well over 7 billion people in the world none of which are good enough for you, you perfect twat.

If you are one of those people that say: “All women are this”, or “All men are that”, then I’m sorry to say it but you, my darling are part of the problem. In fact there’s a good to fair chance that you possess many of the traits that you are trying to define everyone else with.

But don’t panic! This isn’t an attack, consider it more of a wake-up call. Just because you’re likely a bit of a bell-end it doesn’t mean that you are destined to be alone, it simply means that if you are to find a suitable partner you first have to start by taking a long and hard look at yourself before you can assume that the fault lies with everybody else.

And don’t get me wrong, I’ve been there myself! When looking back at previous relationships I always used to pick the other person apart, highlighting their faults and all of the things they did that pissed me off; when the reality was that I was just as bad as them and in some cases even fucking worse! It was a self-defence mechanism I relied on so that I didn’t have to face the fact that I’m not perfect either.

But that doesn’t mean that I am undesirable or that I’ll be unable to find the perfect partner to share my life with. What it means is that if I learn from my mistakes, recognise the traits that I found undesirable in others and acknowledge my many faults then I’ll have a greater chance of engaging the right people and building a stronger relationship the next time around.

But who knows? Perhaps you’ve had a really shitty run at things and you’ve genuinely gone into every single relationship with everything you had. You were kind, courteous, selfless, patient and empathetic and yet still you were treated like utter shit…and while that really sucks for you, you’re clearly choosing the wrong people! Nobody can force you into a relationship, but you can certainly rush into one. Stop being afraid of being alone! It’s better to be on your own than instead being with someone that looks straight through you.

First of all you need to learn to love yourself. And believe me, if you think that you already do and yet continue to subject yourself to the wrong people then you really do not love yourself at all. – “We accept the love we think we deserve”.

And many people confuse self-love with arrogance which could not be further from the truth. To love yourself is to embrace your flaws and be thankful for the decent qualities that you possess. To be arrogant is to ignore your flaws entirely and believe that you’re on a different playing field to all those around you – know the difference.

There are an unthinkable number of amazing people out there who could be the perfect fit for you, you just have to look a little harder to spot them. And that is often the problem…if you’re ignorant enough to say: “All men are this”, or “All women are that”, then you’re more than likely entering every relationship solely based on the physical appearance and social status of the other person.

And yes I understand that it is vastly important to find your partner sexually attractive, however if you write a person off instantaneously because they don’t fit this particular aesthetic ‘type’ that you have reserved for yourself then you’re significantly reducing your chances of finding the right person for you.

Have you ever had a conversation with somebody who you misjudged prior to talking to them? And then felt a little bad inside because your first thoughts were something along the lines of: “Oh great, this person’s clearly going to be a cunt.”

It’s happened to all of us at one point or another because we are conditioned to judge a person by their appearance. In fact, it has happened to me before where somebody actually apologised to me because their first thoughts were somewhat unsavoury – all they saw was a big, bearded, British skinhead and assumed the worst. Then after a few moments of conversation they learned that they could not have been further from the truth.

Well, the same applies to love. The truth is that nobody has a ‘type’, only a certain aesthetic look that they desire based on what they have been conditioned to find physically attractive, and that’s fine – if you’re lucky enough to find somebody that fits that description AND happens to be intellectually, spiritually and emotionally compatible with you at the same time.

Everyone’s breath smells of shit in the morning and as much as we’d all love to find the perfect person you’d have to be a fucking moron to believe that if in the event such a person existed that they would want to be with you. While you may prefer men with a full head of hair, perfect abs, a gorgeous smile, a wonderfully chizzled, symmetrical face and an eight inch penis – I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you may have to settle for six.

And I am not saying that you have to consider every cock-eyed mong and his dog, all I am saying is that you have to adjust your priorities a little if you are to increase your chances at finding somebody that isn’t going to ultimately make you feel like shit, thus rendering you one of those pitiful, bitter tossers that constantly updates their status with the likes of “Men are scum”, or “Why are women such sluts?”

If you’ve said something like this at some stage don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed, seriously, because you’ll be wasting your time. I’ve expressed a similar attitude before and it is a perfectly natural thing to feel at times, especially when you’re alone and looking for love and all you seem to come across is rejection or inadequacy.

Love is an incredibly confusing and often frustrating beast and if you are to successfully tame it then first you need to exercise a little patience. You can’t run into the woods with your cock in your hand shouting “FEED ME” at the top of your lungs and expect a delicious slab of venison to lay down before you, lubricious and wanting…nor should you stalk in the shadows and pounce on your unsuspecting prey either; nobody likes a rapist.

Just relax, take a deep breath and focus on yourself for now. The right person will present themselves when the time is opportune, but first you have to pamper yourself and shape your life into something to be desired. Become the type of person that you’d want to fall in love with and the universe will handle the rest.





The Art of Creation

The Art of Creation

In this internet age we have unlimited access to some phenomenal things and that can be incredibly discouraging at times.

You’ll find that it’s often easier to sit and watch, read or listen to someone else create something incredible and worry that you’d never be able achieve anything quite like it yourself, so you don’t bother trying at all.

But for the record to create something average is a far-cry more impressive than creating nothing at all  and even if you never achieve anything earth-shattering; I guarantee that you’ll have an amazing time in the process.

You see, that’s what I think life is all about: Creation. Don’t overthink the meaning of life, simply find something that makes sense to you and make the most of it!

You could argue that we’ve been exploring our artistic side for well over 45, 000 years and if it weren’t for our lack of archaeological evidence we might have a more accurate idea.One thing is for certain though; as a species we are unique in our inventive curiosity and artistic versatility.

We’re at our happiest when we’re expressing ourselves and sharing our passions and achievements with others.I’ve been writing for a little while now but not nearly long enough to instill me with that prodigylistic confidence that a gifted six year old pianist most likely feels. (Just made prodigylistic up, don’t care)

Don’t let your age dictate what you can and can’t do! It’s never too late to pick up an old guitar and strum your way toward a life full of harmony. And while I’m confident there’s a good chance that I will never write anything ground-breaking, I’ve already moved a few people which has to count for something.

I’ve learned that most people don’t really give a shit, but the feeling that I get when somebody asks me to write something personally or an unexpected person refers to something that I’ve written and tells me about how it affected them ; well I can’t really explain it – it’s something that you’d have to experience for yourself.

And people tend to see Art in a very ‘black and white’ light but it is truly a spectrum with such incredible potential. Even if nobody else can see it; if it makes sense to you and inspires your imagination then it is an art-form in it’s own right.

I contest that cooking is a form of art though most would argue otherwise. If you gain great pleasure from the idea of being able to whip up a delectable dish that people will desire and devour then fucking do it! You can eat out and pay compliments to the chef as often as you like though rather than adopt the “I’d love to be able to cook like that” attitude; you should crack on and do it yourself instead. You’ll offend a few taste buds and likely ruin a lot of good food  in the process but eventually you’ll be baking your friends wedding cakes and catering to those who matter to you most.

It’s no different with creating music. How many people can lie on their deathbed and say: “Well, at least I inspired people to dance!” And I’m the sort of guy that could draw a stick-man wrong, yet how awesome would it be if someone were to want your art tattooed on their body? I can’t draw for shit at the moment but it’s something that I intend to remedy – And why not? I’ll never be able to recreate the New York skyline from memory but I’m sure I’ve the potential to pen something beautiful at the very least; all you can do is try right?

And what about photography? You don’t even have to be in the picture yourself to create an impact. The fact is that you were there witnessing the event in all of its authenticity first-hand; capturing it for all the world to see, for now and forever.

Every breath you spell is the stroke of a pen and you’ve only so much ink in the well. Write a story worth reading!

Whether you’re surfing, running your fingers along the inside of a barrel wave or scoring an impeccable goal; you’re doing something out of the ordinary  – something that isn’t handed to just anyone.You’re doing something admirable; something that people will witness and wish that they could do themselves and the sad part is that they’ll likely never bother trying at all, out of fear of failing.

You may never tear up that 20 foot barrel wave but let’s face it; precious hours spent with your friends at the beach can’t be as miserable as sitting on your arse dreaming about it, surely?

And what I’ve found is that for the most part the process of writing and feeling my own ability develop has been reason enough. Even if barely anybody else pays attention I can feel my hard work taking effect and it encourages me to carry on creating.

Art is a personal pursuit that is incredibly fulfilling regardless to whether or not other people enjoy it, and if they do then it will bring you all the more satisfaction.That’s the beauty of it; art comes from a place that we’ve all been, only far too many people fail to revisit.

Whether you enjoy tinkering around with gadgets, customising old clothes, knitting funky hats or baking beautiful cakes; sculpting statues, carving wood, creating pottery or writing code, painting miniatures, composing powerful scores, perfecting card tricks or nurturing a blossoming garden; the fact is that you’ll be leaving an impression behind that shows the world that you were here, that your time wasn’t wasted.

It’s not about money or fame…once you find your passion you’ll have all of the wealth you need.If anybody ribs or takes the piss out of you for  pursuing your passions then they’re just the sort of cunt that you need to cut out of your life anyway so fuck them off!

And if that only leaves you with a handful of loved ones; well you can only juggle so many diamonds anyway.


Humanity: the key to Immortality.



If we are to unlock immortality; first we must discover our humanity. I am not talking about the immortality of an individual, but of our entire species.

When I talk to people about the future and what is in store for us, most people hold an incredibly grim and frightening view, in fact…most people don’t even give a shit! However, the fact is that there is an awful lot of concern for our future as a species, and rightfully so – because we are in an absolute state at the moment, with only ourselves to blame.

Though, I ask you to take a step back for just a moment. Let us think about how far we have come in say…the last 200 years or so. It wasn’t that long ago that we actually bought and sold our fellow human beings into slavery! It took us an awful long time to wise up and get rid of that one, but surely enough we evolved…reluctantly.

It wasn’t so long before that that we believed the world to be flat. A giant floating disk, it’s outer rim laced with waterfalls that would plunge any who dared to sail close enough into the great unknown! Think about that for a moment and realise that we as a species are still in our infancy.

Believe me, by no stretch of the imagination am I trying to either justify or excuse any of the atrocities that go on in our world today. What I am saying is that we are dealing with these issues on a global scale and that perfection is inevitably going to take much longer than we’d like. We are practically fresh out of the dark ages, yet we’re going to have to light a few more candles before we can see with total clarity.

Most people have absolutely no hope whatsoever. Practically everybody that I speak to about this believes that we will undoubtedly wipe one another out. That we will systematically destroy each other and drive our species toward the ghastly finality of extinction.

I wholeheartedly disagree.

Don’t get me wrong, I am under no illusions that our situation will get much worse before it begins to improve, though I genuinely believe that we can pull through. If only we were able to set our differences aside and come together as a species…perhaps then there would be hope for us still.

This world is shrinking at a staggering pace. Technologically, we are impeccable. We have developed some of the most fascinating inventions with such a profound virtuosity, and yet we have allowed our achievements to go straight to our heads. We have become so caught up in our collective narcissism that we have forgotten about how much we actually don’t know…

I mean sure, we all know how to work an i-phone, but do any of us have any fuckin’ idea how they’re made? There are a few select minds that press on into the future. Magnificent intellectuals that carry the torch of curiosity into the unknown, all of whom I can imagine are wise enough to admit that even they too are stupid!

Everything that we believe to be true in the present moment, will likely be proven incorrect before long…The only real thing that we can hold onto and claim to be gospel is our humanity.

You see, we live in an age of political correctness and the system is flawed beyond belief! We can say whatever the fuck we want and get away with it because we believe that we deserve the freedom to do so without being challenged. And to a certain degree, I believe that this idea has a great deal of potential, though for the most part; there are far too many foul mouths and ignorant minds spitting utter nonsense into our ears for this idea to last.

I could turn around in a debate and say that black people are lesser beings than everybody else. I know…sounds like a load of shit right? But some wise-ass would say: “You are entitled to your opinion”. Well let me tell you something: ‘black people being less deserving than anybody else’, is not an opinion…it is a foul illusion. It is a smoke screen bound to hinder the vision of those that believe it, inherited from the other ignorant fools that came before them.

Believing that we have the right to flounce around speaking misinformed and hateful drivel into the ears of those who simply don’t want to hear it, is almost as nonsensical as saying that it should be our right to walk around and molest whoever we so desire. Because we believe it to be right and that is our opinion and our opinions should not be challenged and cannot be proven to be incorrect…bollocks!

“But how can you say that? How do you know? What if they are right and you are wrong? You never know!” – Have you ever had to sit and listen to people say stuff like that? When referring to religion or race? Doesn’t it just make your blood boil? It’s a cop out. I simply will not accept it. If you’re entitled to your opinion, then I am entitled to tell you that you are full of shit!

Why should I need to prove such a putrid statement wrong anyway? The universe is evidence enough! We are all one in the same. We are stardust!

Stardust? I know…sounds fuckin’ stupid right? But there is some solid science behind this statement: almost every element on Earth was formed at the heart of a star. We are the children of our entirety, spinning through the boundless reaches of the cosmos, amidst unspeakable splendor and magnificence. And you’re concerned about the Muslim family that’s moved in next door?

The human body is made up of seven billion, billion, billion atoms. (Or there about) Irregardless to your colour, gender, sexuality or religion – That is an actual fact. We are all bound by the same laws of nature. There are no special cases. Gravity does not discriminate, so why on earth do we?!

You could argue that diamonds are worth more than dog shit, but if you delve deep enough you will discover a whole load of the very same stuff that makes up our entire universe. Let that one sink in for a moment…

Some people believe that homosexuality is incorrect. A mental illness or a disease, or perhaps a genetic mishap – Yet another of these ‘opinions’ that we so willingly tolerate daily. Well guess what? Mother Nature doesn’t make mistakes.

Let’s look at evolution on a global scale, from the very inception of life on earth. “There is an unbroken tether that spans over three billion years, connecting us to the first life that ever touched this world.” – Neil Degrasse Tyson.

Consider how resilient and resourceful life had to be to develop and adapt, forever passing on it’s message. From micro organisms to an unknown variation of impeccable species…each and every one, unique and incredibly versatile at survival. Forever passing the baton of youth onto their kin, growing and evolving with each passing moment.

Take the eye for example: A masterpiece. Such prodigious ingenuity and eloquence went into to developing this state of the art, technological device. All of this…and you believe that Mother Nature went and fucked up when two beings of the same gender fell in love? Fuck off you fool!

When you’ve finally managed to breath intelligent life into a planet and develop a global civilization of unimaginable diversity from a handful of microscopic organisms; come back and see me. Perhaps then I’ll lend an ear to this ‘opinion’ of yours. But for now, please forgive me; because I think I am going to take Gaia’s word on this one.

Once you understand that love is the strongest and most fundamental of forces in the universe; only then will you learn that it does not discriminate, let alone make mistakes!

We’re so stupid! And only stupid people are stupid enough to believe otherwise. But we will make it…we have to! This is the furthest any global civilization has managed to travel. We are the pioneers of life. Hungry vagabonds, slowly roaming toward boundless adventure. Many have failed before us: The Mayans, Aztecs, Babylonians, even the dinosaurs. We are surviving and we are thriving, but we have so much more work to do…

One of the most valuable and important quotes of our time: “We were born too soon to explore the cosmos. And too late to explore the earth. Our frontier is the mind. Religion is the ocean we must cross.”

The most disheartening thing of all, is that most people have little or no desire to use their imagination. They are content absorbing vast quantities of shite, while laughing at those who try to create something beautiful. I live to write and I am passionate about developing myself and forever broadening my horizons…and yet when most people scroll past my work on Facebook, they will turn their nose up and roll on to the next video of insane car crashes, or police brutality, or the new trailer for TOWIE.

Mindless television that teaches you nothing other than how to hate your life, yourself and those around you. Yet it is we who are weird? Those that strive to invent and create?! What is ‘cool’ about being a fuckin’ moron? There are more people today that know who Joey Essex is, than Nikola Tesla. Joey is glorified on the television as being this ‘adorable’ idiot. The same man that believed London was the COUNTRY that bordered Whales. Idolised and desired by all. If Tesla had believed that a Square had six sides, he wouldn’t have been able to change the world quite the way he did.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the guy. How could I? We’ve never met. I am sure he is a wonderful, genuine chap, but if I wanted to listen to somebody talk a load of shit I’d go to church.

Ooooh! Shot’s fired!

I am not about to tell you that you are wrong for having faith in a particular religion, but attempt to paint it in a light that we can all relate to; regardless to which team you support – so bear with me.

Religion, to me is a subject that I find entirely fascinating. Think about it…we as a species have slaughtered one another for many centuries. We fight over whose version of the same idea is the closest to the truth…and the truth is: we have no fucking idea what we are talking about.

Islam, Christianity, Judaism…there are far too many to name. Either way, they are all different brands selling the very same product: An idea. So whether you are wearing Versache or Lacoste, just remember that it was made by some little Chinese kid in a sweatshop.

You see, even religion came from the stars! People from all over the world would look up to the stars, only they would find different pictures there. We used our great intellect and ability for pattern recognition to map out the stars and use them to navigate our way through the seasons. Of course we were going to believe that everything in the sky was directed at us…we were new born babies, trying to figure everything out for ourselves. It was always going to be about us.

One day, there was an apparition of a comet in the night sky. How can we fault these people for believing that it must have been a message sent from the Gods? Of course, it is in our nature to assume the worst, so it can’t have been good news! In fact, every ancient civilization saw comets as symbols of great disaster. “Disaster.” (Or Bad Star.) The only difference was that to each civilization, it would mean the coming of something negative: Famine, war and even disease. This was for no reason other than that these were the various afflictions that the different cultures were living through at the time of the comets appearance. If we knew then, what we know now…would religion even exist?


We must take baby steps. And just as we grew out of such notions as the world being flat; we too will move past the stories handed down to us and grow beyond them; beaming toward a whole new level of consciousness. Perhaps one day we will stop killing each other over religion…Lord knows we have to! Because if we cannot band together as one, we will die together as one. Can I get an amen?

I know that when I talk about religion, people get angry – because to dismiss religion is to dismiss any opportunity of meeting your loved ones in an afterlife. And I can understand why that can be a difficult thing to accept…however why not try another perspective? We have already established that we are all made up of Atoms…where do these Atoms go when we die? They are re-distributed back into the universe! Right where they began! EVERYTHING is connected, sometimes you just need to look a little closer to see it.

Our loved ones live on in our hearts and our minds. The knickknacks and the photographs, the tears and uncontrollable laughter. They live on through our children and our children’s children. A genetic signature that we will continue to pass on into the future.

Understand that everything we do today, leaves an impact on the world of tomorrow. Every footprint we leave behind is an impression that will either be swept away by the tide, or cast in stone as testament to our brilliance. Do something worthy of remembrance – that is the key to your own immortality.

And look at how far we have come…How can we ask for perfection over night? Yes, it will not be an easy path and at times it will look as though there is no hope left for us, though if we are patient, empathetic and we harness our imagination; we may yet be able to pull through to the other side.

We must stop staring at our televisions and start staring into space! That is where our future lies.









Imperfection IS Perfection.


This is for all of you out there; that try too fucking hard to be somebody that you simply are not.

This is for those of you whom slap on layer upon layer of make up before even leaving the house…for the fake tans and the false eye lashes. You whom spend an hour in the gym every day…loathing yourself for not having an impossible physique.

Just fucking be who you are…Take a step back and observe for a moment!

Because I don’t want perfection…Perfection is BORING as shit. Perfect is predictable…and I find nothing worse than watching a movie and knowing exactly how it will end before it’s even begun.

YOU are a pain in the arse. You probably snore…your shit stinks…you are selfish and more often than not you can be boring as hell. We all have our flaws, but do you know what? Through it all…we aren’t all that fuckin bad, to be honest.

Imagine the ‘perfect’ partner? Just picture being in a relationship with somebody that doesn’t even fart! How fucking painful would that be?! They simply roll out of bed in the morning with such a profound beauty and eloquence…even their morning breath could be bottled and passed off as Febreze!

You’d have to be on form all of the fucking time! How exhausting would that be?! How could you ever, possibly relax?

This reminds me of a comment that a previous associate said to me. (Ironically he has deleted me on Facebook, because clearly I wasn’t perfect enough for him either! Haha!)

He said that women shouldn’t fart. And that if ever, a woman did, it would ruin everything…that it would be the ultimate game changer and that he would leave them.

I know what you are thinking, and you are right…


And I feel sorry for the guy.

Shit, don’t get me wrong, he was handsome…Well built and entirely desirable to all women. He was financially wise, driven and secure. This guy was a rather well rounded chap indeed…but he was a complete and utter fuckin bell-end…

I mean, come on! How stupid can you be?! Seriously?! How inhuman are you! How dare you expect a woman to be a walking piece of art? A shard of perfection, designed to look wondrous on your arm; absent the right to pass even the faintest fart?

However, if ever you need to trump then you can just go right a’fuckin head! By all means: allow us to wallow amidst the fumes of your ignorance, while you trundle off into the sunset.

You pristine prick, you!

Fuck off!

And the ironic thing is…is that if you were to stand he and I next to one another…90% of you lot would jump at him! You would desire him, over me based on mere aesthetics…And the reality is…You’d be fuckin wrong. You can be human around me. You can be yourself…Because I am fuckin’ awesome!

Pick your nose in front of this dude and you’ll be back, scrolling through Tinder before you know it. And if ever you feel the need to fart?! Shit…game over girl…pack your bags and just fucking leave!

But do you know what? Despite it all…standing next to this gorgeous man, with a body like a fucking Greek God…I felt amazing! I was so grateful that I wasn’t him…what a fucking lonely existence he must lead…And if ever he does find this perfect woman (And good luck to him), I certainly wouldn’t envy her…Her guts would be backed up with so much unwanted gas that if ever you were to strike a match before her; she would be engulfed in the flames of such unrelenting illiteracy.

I just don’t get it…we wrap ourselves around the idea of obtaining the perfect partner when we, ourselves; are inherently flawed. Get over yourself mate! We all fuckin’ piss in the shower!

Find somebody that makes you laugh and don’t you ever let them go!

And if you fear that you’ll never meet them; know that you are wrong…and you really are!

You are either trying far too hard to find them, or you are simply looking in the wrong places…

Know your limits. Understand what you are truly like and recognise yourself…You aren’t all that fuckin great mate…truly!

You shouldn’t expect somebody to paint you the perfect picture, when you can’t draw for shit!

Because we’re all a sweaty mess of jumbled cunts anyway…As soon as you can be honest with yourself and love you, irregardless of your flaws; only then can you truly embrace somebody else.

Because to love, is to understand. And that is the truth!

If you have a “type”, then you my friend, are a fucking moron. You are denying yourself the opportunity to be happy.


Why wish for a Bentley when you can fuckin walk? Enjoy the view and grab a breath of fresh air while you’re at it, because in the long run; it’l probably break down on you anyway…

The only reason you believe that you only go for big breasted blondes is because you are a twattish consumer! And the only reason that you desire a man with a head full of hair and a six-pack is because you’re a complete and utter bell-end!

They say that love is blind, and they are right! If we didn’t have eyes, we would be a darn sight brighter! Because our ability to see, hinders our capacity to perceive…We are as thick as fuckin’ shit!

You are part of a jigsaw, among several billion others. Only some are fortunate enough to be the corner piece…Easy to fucking place!

It’s gonna take a bit of time for you to find your home, but know that before the end – you will slot right in. Exactly where you need to be…

‘Cause we’d all love a tap on the wrist, when a punch in the face is what we really need!


Small Bump


Right, so I am going to brush over a touchy subject that might rattle a few cages and I need you all to see this from an entirely feministic point of view and endeavour to keep an open mind.

I want to begin by making it crystal, I thoroughly believe in that a woman is irrefutably entitled to do with her body; whatever she desires. No matter what the circumstance.

And I stand by that.

No woman (or man for that matter), should ever feel obligated to put themselves through anything that they are not entirely ready for. Whether they are in complete control of the situation or not.

I’d also like you to know that I am pro-choice, when it comes to abortion. I feel that under the circumstances, if a woman feels as though she is incapable or simply not ready to raise a child – then she should have the right to go through with an abortion absent judgement.

Now, this is where it gets a bit tricky.

How often do you hear that old familiar story of the father that was never there? The cowardly, poor excuse of a man that walked away from his newborn and left the mother to fend for herself. To raise their child that they made together, on her own?

Chilling stuff indeed; the kinda stuff that serves as a constant reminder that all men are shit, and that women are righteous and brave. And many of them are. Yet there are countless men out there whom share the same qualities, only they haven’t had the chance to prove themselves yet.

Allow me to elaborate.

There is another side to this story that we rarely talk about. A story that is never truly granted the opportunity to take root and grow into something real…

The story of the man that was there, willing and able. That didn’t walk away. The young man whom despite all of his doubts and fears, was prepared to put his life on hold in order to take on that of another. To grow from a boy, into a man – long before he was truly ready. To give up everything in order to provide his unborn child with all that it could ever want or desire.

What we fail to acknowledge, is that for every coward that ran away there was a brave and wanting father that was never granted the opportunity to be a man. To be there for his family no matter what! And why is that? Because it is the mothers right and sole decision to terminate that child’s life. Her body, her decision – and the father will simply have to man up and live with that.

And by God, if he is ever put in the position where something isn’t in his best interest; he dare not walk away from it!

Let that one sink in for a moment…

Again, it is important that you remember that I am pro-choice. I thoroughly stand by that every woman should be able to have an abortion without anyone passing judgment. And I can also appreciate that it is no easy thing to go through with. It is a burden that they will have to carry around with them for the rest of their life.

And kudos to the women that give the father an equal part in making that decision. I appreciate that there are many women out there who have gone through with a pregnancy despite not being ready for it. There are few actions braver than that and I think it is important that we recognise it.

Though I am giving voice to those men whose paths were selected for them. I want you to remember that for a father, it goes one of two ways; either the mother decides that she is ready for the child, or she decides that she is not. It’s as simple as that.

The father is then forced to make a decision. Does he stick around and raise this child despite not being ready, feeling unable or simply not wanting to? Or does he make a decision to opt out and walk away from it?

I want you to think about that.

When a mother opts out and decides to terminate the child’s life; it is her right, no matter what her reasons may be. When the father opts out and decides to walk away; he is labeled a coward that is subject to slander and abuse.

If you are pro-choice and you believe that a mother has the right to terminate their unborn child’s life with or without the fathers consent – then I believe that a father should be granted the very same option of opting out, without judgement too.

You don’t have to like it or agree with it. I admit I believe that a father walking away from his unborn child is cowardly, though my opinion shouldn’t rob someone of choice.

Your body, your decision.

Your life, your rules.


Meet me on the Horizon

Meet me on the Horizon



See a mirage in the desert.
Parched and starving you tumble
toward the distance.


Perceive it as you will, though you
just as well keep on walking as its either
an oasis of pure, soulful hydration
or another ten thousand miles of
barren wasteland with naught else
but dust and dejection.


Perspective. ˙ǝʌıʇɔǝdsɹǝd


Be the child who sneaks out
in the storm. It might be safer
underground in the darkness
but i’d rather dance in the rain.


Understand that what we believe
to be complete is largely obsolete.


Renovate your old ideas with the
ingenuity of a broader perception
and orientate the spacial arrangement
of your thoughts with Feng-Shui
of the mind.




Let the thrill of uncertainty wash
over you while your fears filter out
in the torrent; you don’t have to
Foxtrot just because they told you to.


Quit dancing around the prospect of
individuality in synchronicity and break
the formation; demonstrate the true
definition of audacity.


Be Present. 


There is only one certainty and
that is this very moment in time.


Where you are going is irrelevant
until the moment that you arrive.


Until it comes to pass simply
think, blink and breathe and
know that you’re still alive.




So what if you’re a mad bastard
meandering through life?


The outsider with a mouthful of
inquisition and a mindset for
inattention, weaving from one
bad decision to the next.


You are as ignorant to your flaws
as you are aware of them but don’t
worry because they’ve got you
pegged all wrong.


You’ll find your seat before the
curtains close I’m sure, but for now
its all eyes on you.


Let Go.


Know that your life isn’t set in stone.
It grows around it. Rolling over the top
with such effortless free-form.


Become the tide that animates the inert.


You see, it’s unnatural for water to
travel from one destination to another
without even the faintest degree of
deviation along the way.


A predetermined path insensate to
any distractions, never knowing that
itself in its very nature is the embodiment
of mundanity.


The water falls for the lie, but punch a hole
in its constrictive barriers and you can wave
its steady stream goodbye.


E x p a n d.
Just keep on rolling and trust that
despite every unknown twist and turn
around the bend, there’s an ocean of
opportunity calmly waiting for you at the end.


Form an estuary in your mind and cease
the slender continuation that restricts your vision.


Let your thoughts flow from the peak of
uncertainty to the serene expanse
of the liberation sea.




Because we’re all looking for that one
special jigsaw piece to finish the perfect picture.


Now I don’t know about you but I have
seen a thousand sun rises, each and
every one more beautiful than before;
the last of which will surely be
the finest one of all.


You’ll look on as the sky bursts with a
passionate bloom that simply breathes
‘good morning’.


The solar riser beaming an amber glow
that shimmers atop the surface of the ocean
painting a celestial pathway before you
as if to say: ‘Come. Meet me on the horizon’.




“See a mirage in the desert.
Parched and starving you tumble
toward the distance. Perceive it
as you will…though you just as well
keep on walking, ’cause its either
an oasis of pure, soulful hydration
or another ten thousand miles of
barren wasteland with naught else
but dust and dejection.” – 
Whatever your dream is, keep running toward it no matter how unlikely it may appear – because you may well just achieve greatness…otherwise you won’t…which will be the same result that you’ll get if you never try.


“Be the child who sneaks out
in the storm. It might be safer
underground in the darkness,
but i’d rather dance in the rain! ” –
You shouldn’t always do as you’re told, nor should you see the world in the light that others shine upon you.

Find your own source of illumination and make your own decisions. It might be easier to let others think for you, though it is a darn sight more refreshing finding your own way.

So dance in the rain! You could stay in doors where it is nice and dry, or you can rejuvenate your soul. It’s your decision.

“You see, it’s unnatural for water to travel from one destination to another without even the faintest degree of deviation along the way. A predetermined path insensate to any distractions, never knowing that itself in its very nature is the embodiment of mundanity. The water falls for the lie, but punch a hole in its constrictive barriers and you can wave its steady stream goodbye.” – Water will otherwise make it’s own way toward the ocean. It always has. Though we have managed to manipulate it’s flow and point it in a direction of our choosing, through pipework and other forms of transportation. Man made.
You punch a hole in the barriers and the water will flow, in it’s own natural way.
It is the same with the way you think. Allow your thoughts to flow naturally! Punch a hole in the constrictive barriers that obstruct you and think for yourself!


“Form an estuary in your mind and cease
the slender continuation that restricts your vision. Let your thoughts flow from the peak of uncertainty, to the serene expanse of the liberation sea. ” – 
An estuary is the point in which a river meets the ocean. Let the same thing happen in your mind and allow yourself to see with a broader scope.
In doing to you will develop a unique ability to see the world in a more positive light, and the feeling is liberating indeed.


“Because we’re all looking for that one
special jigsaw piece to finish the perfect picture.

Now I don’t know about you, but I have
seen a thousand sun rises. Each and
every one more beautiful than before;
the last of which will surely be
the finest one of all. ” – 
This can be interpreted differently. It’s entirely up to you. When I wrote this, I did so with the idea in my mind of everyone looking for a perfect solution, or a perfect story in their life. For example, becoming a successful writer.

The idea that every sunrise is as beautiful as the one before, is that no matter how your life pans out, it will have been for the better.

However, it can also be interpreted as: “we’re all looking for the perfect partner.” – And of course, your last sunrise will be the most beautiful, because he/she will be the one that you will sit before and admire for the rest of your life.

And of course…in literal terms, the final sunrise that you will ever get to see will indeed be the most beautiful. As you inch closer toward the end of your time in this realm, you will indeed appreciate it’s beauty all the more.


“You’ll look on as the sky bursts with a
passionate bloom that simply breathes,
‘good morning’. 
The solar riser beaming
an amber glow that shimmers atop the
surface of the ocean, painting a celestial
pathway before you – as if to say: 
“Come. Meet me on the horizon”.” – Imagine yourself stood before the sea, watching the sunrise. Now notice the light as it reflects off of the ocean that lay ahead. It is a trick of the light, though it paints a pathway linking you to the sun on the horizon.

Picture this, your final sunrise before you die…and you walk toward your maker on this beautiful shimmering pathway that lay atop the surface of the ocean. Apparently Jesus walked on water, so why can’t you?



Forty-Two or Fortitude?

42 or Fortitude

If life is the extraordinary condition that distinguishes animals and plants alike from ignorant matter, then why is its true meaning a matter of which we are entirely ignorant to?

Is it because we seek meaning where there is nothing to unearth? Like preoccupied archaeologists we dig and we dust and we delve, deeper still until we find ourselves buried entirely and lost in the sands of time. Layered upon the darlings that fell before us. Unanswered questions etched into the very bones that bared the burden of our bewilderment to begin with.

Surely there can be no greater meaning than simply existing? To be grateful for having the honour of being – in actuality; if only for a little while…

Instead we ponder over the what if’s and the why’s, forever adding to our thriving repository of lineal illiteracy.

I myself possess an unquenchable thirst for knowledge yet I have made peace with the fact that the majority of what I grow to know will indeed be open to interpretation.

I contest that while we are likely to never find the true meaning of life, we can surely uncover all the more reason to endure it. I chose ‘endure’ over ‘enjoy’ because if we spend all of our time wrapped up in what it’s all about, we leave little room for any real enjoyment at all.

So savour that sunrise and afford those tears. Love your way into as many hearts as you dare to touch and let them laugh with you until wrinkles guide your eyes toward a happy ending. Because you never know when this life on loan will be withdrawn…

You see, if the universe truly is limitless then life is too, so before trying to figure out the meaning behind that – perhaps start off with something a little smaller; YOU! What is the meaning of your life? That is your prerogative, it’s entirely up to you.Discover that and nothing else matters at all. Because who needs a reason when they have worth?


I know where I am going, how about you?


Like attracts like…we all know this! Happy people are generally attracted to positive things and that is just the way it is. Very rarely will you see one positive person spending a great deal of time with a negative person. Negativity is drawn to negativity and as such positivity works in the exact same way. Oddly enough we all look at negativity in the sense that “everyone else has it but me”. Nobody will admit to themselves that they are negative, but in most cases will discover that they are in actuality miserable shits.

The fact is that negativity is very good at going unnoticed. We often mistake it for “reality”. I know many people who like to say “I’m a realist”, which is basically just a clever way of saying “I am negative as hell!” What you need to ask yourself is; is a person being naïve for chasing an unlikely dream? Or are they in fact a hidden genius swimming upstream while every other miserable bastard follows suit? Every successful person you know, every celebrity and every athlete; will have adopted a positive attitude. You don’t become an elite gold medalist by thinking: “hmm, no I better not…I doubt I’ll ever be good enough.”

It is not our fault though…I don’t want you to read this and feel worse about yourself, because you shouldn’t; self-acceptance is the first step towards change. This is the way we have been programmed to function. In our society it pays to have naive and negative drones moping around. If everyone thought with an open mind and a positive attitude there would be nobody to empty our bins and sweep our streets. Please do not misunderstand my meaning, I do not intend to sound stuck up at all; I appreciate that many people are happy with what they have, but the fact remains that if they want more out of life it is theirs for the taking! The only problem is the majority of people are wired to believe that whatever can go wrong will go wrong and that the risk is not worth taking. It’s time to fix that don’t you think?

The question is…how can you tell if you’re a negative person or not? The scary thing is, is that most people will not want to know! Because in accepting that you are a negative person you will also be acknowledging that you are surrounded in a negative aura, by the wrong people and the wrong situations. The hardest part is being true to yourself and deciding what or who needs to go…because inevitably something will have to change in order for you to develop your life into one of self-love, positivity and fulfillment.

One of the surest ways of spotting your negativity is whether or not you are only grateful when something good happens to you. Clearly nobody likes it when terrible things happen to them; however a person of a true positive nature would not let it bear them down.  A truly positive individual would see the issue in the best light possible. They would accept that no amount of pissing and moaning will change a damn thing and so that the only other option is to draw from it as much positive energy as possible. I can speak from experience given a recent event in my life that was particularly shitty; though equally as educational and somewhat liberating.

Over recent years I came to discover that I was terrible at trying to avoid fault. I would always need to have the last word and would be dismissively palming the blame onto someone else, when clearly the fault lied with me. Slowly I came to realise that life became so much fucking easier if I just took it on the chin and moved on…you don’t have to be right about everything…it’s OK to lose every now and again. Once you can learn to accept that a lot of the time you’re probably being an arse-hole, the quality of your life will dramatically improve.

You will learn to start catching yourself out after saying something negative. Start to correct yourself when you moan about something insignificant…take it back when you insult someone unjustly. When you are being negative about something that hasn’t and is likely never to happen; shut the hell up and stop moaning! Think about all of the good that can happen in your life. Focus on all of the beauty that you want out of life and not all of the darkness you’d like to avoid. Like attracts like and it is important that you always remember that.

Once you grow to accept that you have more control over your life than you can imagine; you will start to enjoy it so much more. Granted there is a great deal of things that you cannot avoid, but for the most part you are the cartographer; mapping your way through this spectacular adventure. It’s a tough old game there is no denying that, but you can sure as hell make it a great deal easier for yourself by changing your way of thinking. Design the life that you want for yourself. Scope it out in your mind’s eye and it can be yours. You don’t need to know how to get there, just to have faith in the fact that you will find away.

I know where I am going, how about you?


Why you’re better than everyone else; even though you’re probably not.

 Self-Hug Self Love

“We are our own worst enemies”. Yawn indeed; agreed there is nothing quite so sad as starting off a piece of writing with a quote or a cliché, though like it or not this one in particular bears a great deal of significance in our day to day struggles.

We allow ourselves to toil and fester in the negative perceptions of others. We find ourselves infected by those whom bear very little significance to us on a personal level. People who we rarely see and whom scarcely pay us any thought what so ever. You tear yourself to pieces over a past discrepancy, a minor defect during your insignificant existence. Or perhaps even a minor quirk, something you find to enjoy or even like about yourself; others may choose to make a mockery of instead.

In order to move past this and to achieve true happiness through self-love and gratification, one must understand that every comment, action or reaction from another human being is a summary of their total life experience up until that very moment be it positive or negative. The fact is that people ridicule things that they do not understand, they fear or they feel threatened by; if this is aimed towards you it has in actuality nothing to do with you whatsoever.

In laymen’s; people do and say the things that they do drawing from their own fears, conclusions and defenses in an attempt to survive in a harsh and judgmental environment.  In general this type of confrontation will stem from a scenario in their lives, typically the first few occasions in their youth when they have experienced a similar situation.

If it’s not you, it will be someone else to take the forefront of this abuse. You just happen to be in the wrong place at the right time and so we really shouldn’t take everything so seriously. The same applies to our intimate relationships with others. Even those that love and understand you can hurt you. In this instance it is best to say nothing. As difficult as it is to bite your tongue and refrain from retaliating to somebodies unwarranted bullshit; making an evident acknowledgement of their pain and suffering will only make matters worse.

As human beings we are inherently obsessed with proving to others that we are decent and desirable people.  The fact is; if someone can’t see that then why the hell are you trying to justify it to them? It’s their fucking loss. (Unless you are indeed a massive bell-end which may well be the case) You have to live with you…and the only person that you really need to convince is yourself, so spend less time worrying about other people and more time being kind to yourself.

Next time somebody steps out of line and gives you a bit of shit…just smile at them and turn your attentions toward someone else. There is nothing more belittling in this world than being ignored. You could retaliate in kind and return some pretty horrible comments in their direction but what do you gain? No…just understand that the problem is theirs and theirs alone…and when you ignore to acknowledge them you will display a level of intellectual superiority that they will not only envy, but also grow to respect.