What lies beneath

What lies beneath

the sapphire expanse
riddles beneath a sky
painted fair

through cerulean eyes
we dive into the depths
of a distant stare

where tears share
flavour with the howl
of a primordial storm

and rarefied desires
suffocate beneath the
archipelago of forgotten

how many unanswered
prayers layer the abyssal

for every shipwreck in
a bottle there’s a message
that couldn’t fit

where the spectre’s of pelagic
pathfinders wade through
voluminous azure

the undying prisoners drown
for entirety amidst a pitch
and opalescent allure




authors notes…

primordial: existing at or from the beginning of time; primeval.

rarefied: distant from the lives and concerns of ordinary people; esoteric.

archipelago: a sea or stretch of water having many islands.

abyssal: relating to or denoting the depths or bed of the ocean

spectre: a ghost

pelagic: relating to the open sea.

voluminous: very lengthy and detailed

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