The Art of Creation

The Art of Creation

In this internet age we have unlimited access to some phenomenal things and that can be incredibly discouraging at times.

You’ll find that it’s often easier to sit and watch, read or listen to someone else create something incredible and worry that you’d never be able achieve anything quite like it yourself, so you don’t bother trying at all.

But for the record to create something average is a far-cry more impressive than creating nothing at all  and even if you never achieve anything earth-shattering; I guarantee that you’ll have an amazing time in the process.

You see, that’s what I think life is all about: Creation. Don’t overthink the meaning of life, simply find something that makes sense to you and make the most of it!

You could argue that we’ve been exploring our artistic side for well over 45, 000 years and if it weren’t for our lack of archaeological evidence we might have a more accurate idea.One thing is for certain though; as a species we are unique in our inventive curiosity and artistic versatility.

We’re at our happiest when we’re expressing ourselves and sharing our passions and achievements with others.I’ve been writing for a little while now but not nearly long enough to instill me with that prodigylistic confidence that a gifted six year old pianist most likely feels. (Just made prodigylistic up, don’t care)

Don’t let your age dictate what you can and can’t do! It’s never too late to pick up an old guitar and strum your way toward a life full of harmony. And while I’m confident there’s a good chance that I will never write anything ground-breaking, I’ve already moved a few people which has to count for something.

I’ve learned that most people don’t really give a shit, but the feeling that I get when somebody asks me to write something personally or an unexpected person refers to something that I’ve written and tells me about how it affected them ; well I can’t really explain it – it’s something that you’d have to experience for yourself.

And people tend to see Art in a very ‘black and white’ light but it is truly a spectrum with such incredible potential. Even if nobody else can see it; if it makes sense to you and inspires your imagination then it is an art-form in it’s own right.

I contest that cooking is a form of art though most would argue otherwise. If you gain great pleasure from the idea of being able to whip up a delectable dish that people will desire and devour then fucking do it! You can eat out and pay compliments to the chef as often as you like though rather than adopt the “I’d love to be able to cook like that” attitude; you should crack on and do it yourself instead. You’ll offend a few taste buds and likely ruin a lot of good food  in the process but eventually you’ll be baking your friends wedding cakes and catering to those who matter to you most.

It’s no different with creating music. How many people can lie on their deathbed and say: “Well, at least I inspired people to dance!” And I’m the sort of guy that could draw a stick-man wrong, yet how awesome would it be if someone were to want your art tattooed on their body? I can’t draw for shit at the moment but it’s something that I intend to remedy – And why not? I’ll never be able to recreate the New York skyline from memory but I’m sure I’ve the potential to pen something beautiful at the very least; all you can do is try right?

And what about photography? You don’t even have to be in the picture yourself to create an impact. The fact is that you were there witnessing the event in all of its authenticity first-hand; capturing it for all the world to see, for now and forever.

Every breath you spell is the stroke of a pen and you’ve only so much ink in the well. Write a story worth reading!

Whether you’re surfing, running your fingers along the inside of a barrel wave or scoring an impeccable goal; you’re doing something out of the ordinary  – something that isn’t handed to just anyone.You’re doing something admirable; something that people will witness and wish that they could do themselves and the sad part is that they’ll likely never bother trying at all, out of fear of failing.

You may never tear up that 20 foot barrel wave but let’s face it; precious hours spent with your friends at the beach can’t be as miserable as sitting on your arse dreaming about it, surely?

And what I’ve found is that for the most part the process of writing and feeling my own ability develop has been reason enough. Even if barely anybody else pays attention I can feel my hard work taking effect and it encourages me to carry on creating.

Art is a personal pursuit that is incredibly fulfilling regardless to whether or not other people enjoy it, and if they do then it will bring you all the more satisfaction.That’s the beauty of it; art comes from a place that we’ve all been, only far too many people fail to revisit.

Whether you enjoy tinkering around with gadgets, customising old clothes, knitting funky hats or baking beautiful cakes; sculpting statues, carving wood, creating pottery or writing code, painting miniatures, composing powerful scores, perfecting card tricks or nurturing a blossoming garden; the fact is that you’ll be leaving an impression behind that shows the world that you were here, that your time wasn’t wasted.

It’s not about money or fame…once you find your passion you’ll have all of the wealth you need.If anybody ribs or takes the piss out of you for  pursuing your passions then they’re just the sort of cunt that you need to cut out of your life anyway so fuck them off!

And if that only leaves you with a handful of loved ones; well you can only juggle so many diamonds anyway.

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