Read Me

Read Me

Your life is series of haphazard chapters compiled in a gripping page-turner and the trouble is that most people these days are far too lazy to read.

Instead they notice a few worn edges and turn their noses up because they’re looking for a flawless picture book to flick through. If only they knew that with a little time and investment they could open you up and explore a world of unimaginable authenticity.

There may be a few ropy and regretful chapters within but they’re a necessary part of your narrative. Your mistakes and wrongdoings are a reference point etched into the pages of history to serve in guiding you toward a perfect ending.

You have to break a heart before you can understand how to mend one; just as you need your heart broken if you’re to know what it truly feels like to be in love.

Don’t allow your past to consume your present – precious moments, finite in supply thrown away on the invariable recollections of a guilty conscience.

Let go of any past grudges; the person they were at the time no longer exists – And in the same breath if somebody is harboring any resentment toward you don’t let it drag you down; your mistakes do not define you as a person they merely helped shape you into who you are today.

Hatred is an unnecessary and poisonous idea that when pondered for too long amalgamates with your entirety rendering you worn and discoloured.

Instead you should nourish your life with love and watch as the seeds of decency blossom into bright smiles that beam with endearment.

You are the author.

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