Your life has been a series of
mistakes that you’d regret each
morning if it weren’t for the
fact that you sleep until noon.

That’s the beauty of dreaming
your life away; your fears turn
to inaction and then before long
you never have any trouble
sleeping at all…

Because your reality becomes the
nightmare that you’ve been afraid
of all this time and when the
paralysis sets you find yourself
screaming a muted whisper in
the dusk – and nobody is listening.

There’s someone home but the lights
are off so get up and flip the switch
of indecision and put those bright
ideas into practice!

The sun will rise but unless you’re sat
by a window of opportunity you’re
going to miss it…again and again until
you no longer know what direction
in which you’re supposed to look.

Don’t sit around and wait for the morning
light to crawl through the cracks in the curtains;
draw them back and let the warmth remind
you of the new day that’s dawning.

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